My Frustration: I retired in 2003 and after several years of prompting by the Holy Spirit I began to read and take notes for a book. This grew from a frustration that the Gospel in the USA is taught as a two-step process: part #1- become a born-again believer (an experience we all love) and part #2- develop as a mature adult disciple of Jesus that can reproduce disciple-makers for Christ (optional). The second requires intentionally, disciple and accountability. In the USA our present church culture does not see #2 as being very important.

Today our USA churches contain many who “follow” Jesus but have never had a “born again/conversion” experience. Many, in our USA churches, are “called born again believers” but have never been intentionally train to develop as adult disciples that can reproduce disciples for Jesus. The goal of this web site to bring clarity to what it means to be an adult disciple (talmid) of Christ. Many others are also doing the same and I refer the reader to This site is meant to compliment the work of others as given on the site.

Personal Background: My name is Dean Patterson and I reside in Mooresville, North Carolina. I am in my 80’s and have been a “called born-again” believer since age 37. I am married (58 years) and have three children, 8 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. I was discipled initially by a man associated with New Life (Knoxville, Tn.) in 1975 and he embedded in me the “basics”. Actually, he was the instrument used by the Holy Spirit. Understand, any maturing that I have experienced has come from God’s Word and the Holy Spirit through the help of other people.

My wife and I went through a two-year discipleship training process in the 1980-1983 time period and we minister as a team. Since 1983 my wife and I have been discipling young couples, young women/men and young children in small groups. This web site is the understanding of God’s Word that the Holy Spirit has embedded in me as well as 38 years of discipling men/women in six different churches.


One basic assumption – that you accept the Bible as the inerrant word of God. (2nd Timothy 3:16-17)

This site is oriented to the culture of the USA but can be used in any location/culture since it is based on God’s Word. It is meant to help an existing church evolve into an Intentional Disciple Making (IDM) Church aligned with Jesus’ command of Matthew 28:19-20 which will result in sustainability into future generations.  The information can also be use in a new church without a lot of build-in “culture” which is a major hinderance.

This is not my site as it is my King’s (Jesus) site and His Holy Spirit will use it to enhance the glory of the Father. Thanks for visiting the site and may you be blessed and encouraged by the information obtain from it as the Holy Spirit applies it in your thinking and life.


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